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opencoffeeOn Monday, Jan. 11, Open Coffee will be joined by Dale Clemons, founder of ScoreAide. Clemons has an extensive background in designing and building companies that provide alternative health care services to individuals and businesses. He has built programs for large organizations such as Shriners International and the eWomen Network. Examples of some of the companies and programs he has engineered and activated include Apple-a-day Wellness, Vangle, myHealthyUS and ScoreAide.

Clemons is an Air Force veteran and was also a full-time co-owner of the NASCAR Stratus Racing team for more than four years.

ScoreAide assists businesses in raising their credit and FICO scores. With direct access to all three major credit reporting companies, they are able to quickly take a snapshot of credit reports. They then evaluate the report for obvious errors in reporting and assist the client in taking corrective actions that, in some cases, can be reflected in the report score within weeks. Using their technologies and techniques, they are able to simulate changes to the reports in real time and see what effect it will have on the scores.

Please join us this Monday, Jan. 11, at 8 a.m. at iHub for Open Coffee. Thanks as always to Heine Bros. for the coffee and to Nucleus for letting us use their iHub facility.

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