Brandon Powers
Brandon Powers

If you were at the Venture Sharks final competition three years ago, you might remember Brandon Powers pitching an idea for an Internet-based service called ReLensMyFrames. The idea was that people would ship their eyeglasses to him, and he’d install new lenses into their existing frames. A finals judge asked what share of the company he’d be willing to give up in exchange for the $5,000 cash prize, and he replied, “not much – we’re bootstrapping the business and don’t really need the cash.”

He didn’t win that day.

But, that business not only survived – it’s thriving. Today it’s know as LensFactory, and is seeing steady growth in revenue. Brandon has developed a marketing strategy for LensFactory that uses a combination of online advertising and social media to drive its business. On Monday, Brandon will tell us a little more about LensFactory, and he’ll talk about what has worked and what hasn’t in the process to continually increase revenue and profitability. We’ll learn about:

  • How LensFactory identifies the types of customers it wants to target.
  • How they use paid advertising and social media to attract customers.
  • Metrics they measure to gauge the success of marketing campaigns.
  • How they work to continually lower their cost of customer acquisition, and to increase their revenue per customer.

Brandon will have a few slides to illustrate key principles, but come prepared with your questions. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about how a quantified approach to online marketing can help grow a business, whether it’s web-based or not.

Join us at 8 a.m. on Monday, May 19 at iHub, and thanks again to Heine Bros for the coffee, and to Nucleus for letting us use their iHub facility.

Greg Langdon

Open Coffee Louisville

8 a.m. Monday
iHub, 204 S. Floyd Street, Louisville, KY 40202
Free parking: in the Nucleus lot between Preston & Floyd, enter from Floyd St.
Twitter: @startupLou

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Greg Langdon is an angel investor and startup advisor in Louisville. He's a board member, advisor or investor for several early-stage companies, and works as a mentor for several accelerator programs. Greg was a member of a core team that led Efficient Networks from a venture-funded startup into a market-leading position in broadband equipment, an initial public offering, acquisitions of several smaller firms, and subsequent acquisition by Siemens AG.

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