opencoffeeThis Monday, Feb. 29, we are happy to welcome Nate Shaw to tell us about Sound Barrier, LLC, a company that has created a white noise device that covers up the noises hunters make while hunting.

Shaw has been friends with the company’s CEO and founder, Adam Lewis, since they met at college. After graduating with bachelor’s degrees in economics and finance, Shaw took a position as a mutual fund trader with Hilliard Lyons, which is what brought him to Louisville.

In 2006, he took a position at Mercer where he has held several different roles, and went on to complete his master’s of business communication from Spalding University. Currently he is the operations and services leader for the Technology Solutions business, leading 31 account managers and analysts across the globe to ensure client success with their Mercer technology.

In 2013, Lewis started Sound Barrier through his innovation and expertise in the field. He brought on Shaw to focus on operations as well as John Welch to focus on finance. Sound Barrier is the first and only company that is dedicated to sound concealment for hunting success. There are currently no products on the market that target a deer’s defense of hearing, which is one of the three primary senses deer use that keep hunters from success.

Sound Barrier has had great success with patent, trademarks, market research, hunter surveys, social media, podcasts and published articles. Last hunting season they placed prototypes in some of the best hunters’ hands, which produced great success for those hunters and great testimonials for the company. Now Sound Barrier is looking to get their products on shelves.

With a hunting industry market of $34 billion in the United States, this company will tap into an untouched category in the hunting industry. Sound Barrier is excited to help hunters maximize their success by “never being heard again!”
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