opencoffeeThis Monday, Feb. 8, we will learn about the VEX Robotics World Championships and the REC Foundation from Kristin Wingfield. Last year, the VEX Robotics World Championship moved from California to Louisville, and it was such a successful venue and experience, that the REC Foundation committed to holding VEX Worlds at the Kentucky Expo for the next four years.

On April 20-23, around 1,000 elementary, middle, high school and university VEX robotics teams are anticipated to be competing in Louisville (which translates to roughly 15,000 people), including several teams from around Kentucky. They will bring robots that they designed, fabricated and programmed so they can test their technical and strategic skills in this culminating world championship.

The Robotics Education & Competition Foundation provides a pipeline of VEX age-appropriate hand-on programs that serve as a vehicle for active learning and educational engagement. REC Foundation is unique among STEM-based organizations in that it offers a variety of curriculum options and syllabus guides that involve lesson content such as principals of engineering, design process, CAD software, programming and testing, and iteration process.

In addition to technical skills, students learn life skills such as project and time management, teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving, which will prepare them for today’s complex workplace.

Kristen Wingfield is a coordinator for School Business Partnerships at Jefferson Country Public Schools and also a representative of the REC Foundation. Wingfield connects JCPS schools and area businesses in order to provide STEM-focused opportunities (such as VEX) for youth, and she strives to align school and business needs. She is a strong proponent of providing youth with tools to be successful in the future.

Please join us this Monday, Feb. 8, at 8am at iHub for Open Coffee. Thanks as always to Heine Bros for the coffee and to Nucleus for letting us use their iHub facility.

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