It would be great if new, radical game-changing ideas emerged from the now-weekly Open Startup Monday Morning Entrepreneurs’ Coffee with Donuts and Good Fellowship Meeting.

That’s certainly one of the goals.

But another goal is to get people together to make concrete some of the ideas that have been kicking around for a while in the startup community.

With so many doers and makers and movers and shakers in one room, why not use all that good energy to promote and encourage each other?

OpenHack Louisville is one of those ideas. It’s not a new idea, but it’s new to Lousiville. It’s a meetup that has one simple purpose: code together, on anything.

Nathan Anderson, lead developer at The AthleticEngine, who pulled together the upcoming OpenHack, told Insider Louisville what happens at a typical event:

If you are a developer, you write code, or teach code, or learn more code.  If you’re not a developer, you can learn code.  It’s very free-form.

That means virtually anyone can attend – developers of all levels, even ones with no experience at all.

When we asked Anderson why Louisville needed an OpenHack, he said, “To provide developers a place to cross-pollinate ideas and technologies without the restrictions they may run into in a regular workspace.  Want to learn a new language?  Want to see how other developers work?  All things that are on the table at OpenHack.”

When was the idea for Open Hack Louisville born?

“Nick Quaranto started OpenHack after participating in many similar nights at BostonRB, the Boston Ruby group,” said Anderson. “[Quaranto] opened it up to other cities, encouraging people to clone the effort they are doing in Buffalo, N.Y. as a starting point.  I heard about his efforts to get this started via twitter and was instantly encouraged to getting OpenHack into Louisville.

“After talking with several members of the developer community, @erniemiller [Ernie Miller], @marketmusing [Patrick Goodman], and others, I was encouraged enough to start the ball rolling. I would say the Startup Open Coffee was an accelerator for an idea that was already being talked about.  Kelby [Price] forced me to put a date on it, which got the wheels really going.”

The first OpenHack is happening Tue., Dec. 4 from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m., at the iHub.

The event is free, but please make sure you RSVP with EventBrite, so OpenHackers know how many people are coming. They aim to repeat the event on the second Tuesday of every month.

When he was asked what you need to bring in order to participate, Anderson tweeted: “Minimum: yourself.  Recommended: yourself + laptop.  Beyond Awesome: Recommended + willingness to learn and share!”

Insider Louisville is bringing the pizza; who’s bringing the beer?

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