Coil is the perfect, moderately pricey gift for the person who has everything — because they sure don’t have this.

Earlier this month we told you about the Kickstarter for Coil, a revolutionary design product by Tyler Deeb busting past its goal with 23 days left. Twenty days later, the project has raised nearly $31,168 on an $18,000 goal with 141 backers.

That means you have three days left to reserve your Coil — a non-mechanical device that quickly turns hot coffee into iced coffee without diluting it. You can reserve one now for $199. The retail price will end up being $325.

Yes, “reserve” is key here. The actual Coils have yet to be manufactured beyond the prototype. You’ll receive a lovely certificate of ownership — remember Deeb is an artist and a designer. Delivery will likely be sometime in May — in plenty of time for true iced coffee season.

Louisville’s Kickstarter scene as of late has been pretty embarrassing. Seems like Kickstarter has snoozed a bit on its quality control.

Perhaps it’s time for a refresher. You CAN do any or all of these things … but in general, they’re all community no-nos.

  • If you’re Kickstarting to write a book or produce art or crafts, Kickstart for the funds to print and distribute or for the supplies you need to get started. Don’t Kickstart a living wage so you can quit your job. That’s not the purpose of Kickstarter.
  • Don’t Kickstart for a general fund or scholarship program. It’s actually against the rules. IndieGoGo or Donors Choose are better platforms for fundraising of this sort.
  • You need a video. You need to be in it. We want to be able to look in your eyes and feel like we can trust you.
  • Give us a breakdown of what you’re going to do with the money. Again, reminder, this should be your passion. I don’t want to Kickstart your time and effort.
  • For goodness sakes, people, give before you get. I have never and will never Kickstart a project for a person who has never Kickstarted anyone else’s. I don’t care how much I like you or your project.
  • Follow the rules.

Right now Coil is the only Louisville project that’s doing it right. I think it’s safe to say none of the other projects have a hope of getting funded. No, not even Man Shorts.

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