shortnoticeIn today’s Closing Bell, we told you about the Louisville natives who have created the social media app Shortnotice. We talked to Kush Nijhawan, who founded the company with his brother Neil, via phone while he was in his Louisville office.

Turns out Kush Nijhawan is taking a quarter off from his studies at Stanford University — he’s a junior –to really build the hype for Shortnotice. His brother attends the University of Illinois and is also a junior.

Nijhawan was co-president of Manual’s Future Business Leaders of America club when he was in high school, so the entrepreneurial bug hit him early.

He says Shortnotice is a simple concept: You put out an idea to your friend network and then your friends “nudge” you if they want to participate. It’s opposite from the way Millennials usually go about being spontaneous. Normally, they’ll text a group of people, fishing around for someone who is available and interested. With Shortnotice, said Nijhawan, “people come to you.”

The app also allows you to create push notifications for your top friends, so you can be notified immediately that they’re free and want to do something.

Nijhawan said he’s seen the app used for everything from spontaneous book clubs to nights on the town. So far, the site has 3,000 downloads with several hundred active users.

The company was formed in July 2013 and the brothers released in November 2013. Since v.1.0, they have been continuously iterating the app, so right now, you could definitely call this Shortnotice v 4.0. They’ve received seed funds from a local investor and are talking with a possible source of capital from a firm in Silicone Valley.

When we asked Nijhawan what his plan was to monetize the free app, he said, “We’re not even focused on monetization right now.” They just want to get their name out there.

He said social media can be disengaging, but with ShortNotice you’re going to “get a memory.”

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