schedule itOver the next few weeks, we’ll be interviewing CEOs of the companies in the fourth cohort of Velocity, Indiana’s 100-day startup accelerator program. For the first time, all of the companies are Kentucky-based. Also worth noting, the median age of the CEOs is over 40. See other profiles here.

There were 41 million insurance claims filed in the United States last year, according to Schedule It’s CEO Rebecca Wheeling. That’s a lot of paperwork and a lot of time for everyone involved in filing and fulfilling those claims.

Wheeling and her CTO husband Bob Purcell conceived of Schedule It while they were both at work as independent insurance adjusters after Hurricane Sandy decimated the Northeast coast.

Independent insurance adjusters like Wheeling and her husband respond to disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. They’re often on the road for months at a time; Wheeling says she and her husband are out of town around nine months every year.

For adjusters, every wasted second is a second that you could be helping someone get their life back on track. And sure, every wasted second is a second that you’re not making money. Wheeling realized that in order to maximize efficiency, adjusters were making appointments and doing other scheduling work on the fly. Despite safety concerns, they’re working on their computers and talking on their cell phones while driving.

Schedule It is a scheduling service for insurance adjusters. You give Schedule It your claim information and the company makes all the calls for you, updates your calendar, and maps an efficient route for you to take to get from claim to claim. No more working on your laptop while stopped at red lights or using cruise control on the highway.

Right now, Schedule It has four full-time employees and 14 schedulers on an as-needed basis. Last year they scheduled 3,300 claims; this year they’ve already scheduled more than 4,070. They’ve bootstrapped the business until recently joining Velocity.

Because Wheeling is on the road so many months a year, she says one of the most important things she can get out of the Velocity accelerator program is opportunities to network. Also, while Wheeling has seven years experience as an adjuster, she needs to learn more about running a company.

The company currently has a virtual work environment; Wheeling and Purcell are headquartered in Elizabethtown.


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