velocityfeatureIt needs a snappier name — Geek Squad was already taken — but Velocity is putting together a Software Developer Open Office program. Spearheaded by Jacy Cruz, Eric Roland and Chris Hall, the program pairs up entrepreneurs with technical problems with a volunteer software developer who can help them.

This is not a typical Open Office program where a professional announces a block of time when she will be available and helps people out on a first come, first served basis. This is more of an introduction program.

“Our hypothesis is that this will help strengthen our startup community by connecting entrepreneurs and developers who don’t know each other,” says Hall.

Volunteers may be eligible for free co-working time or for paid instructor positions as they arise.

To request help from the volunteer developer program, fill out a form on the Velocity website. Be very specific — they want to make sure they find the right developer for you.

If you’d like to volunteer, submit a form to Velocity (it’s the same form) as above. Be specific about your skills and your availability.

Velocity is located at 400 Missouri Ave. in Jeffersonville, Ind.

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