Some of the XLerateHealth players including Bob Sanders, center.

We told you in this week’s Monday Business Briefing an announcement was close. And today it came via with the reveal of the first startup class on the XLerateHealth website.

XLerateHealth’s inaugural class starts Aug. 12 across the river at the Velocity Indiana startup facility in Jeffersonville since XLerateHealth’s offices in the University of Louisville’s Nucleus building at Market and Floyd streets won’t be available until September.

XLerateHealth startups get $20,000 in cash, $50,000 in donated professional services and offices at Nucleus.

This is a big deal because though Velocity got up and running first, XLerateHealth includes in some capacity most of the major players in the Louisville investment, economic development and tech community.

That includes Bob Saunders, XLerateHealth, executive chairman and co-founder of the accelerator, city Econ-Dev Czar Ted Smith, Bobby Ferreri, former EnterpriseCorp executive director.

Here are the companies per the XLerateHealth website:

11picaslogo11 Picas (New York, NY) empowers pro bloggers and their followers with end-to-end content applications and participatory interest networks. Our mission is becoming the first choice bloghost for independent journalists. This fall, in partnership with Inventiv Health and HealthiNation, we are building companion vertical networks in health: Lifista (living well), Flavorpages (eating well) and Good Medicine (conditions & therapies). Our social newsrooms grow through collective administration and promotion. By aggregating a lot of small followings (projections scale down from authors with average followings of 2K), we create big audience, network effects and better compensation for quality independent bloggers.

CredentialedCARElogoCredentialedCARE (San Diego, CA). Protocols for performing background checks on direct care workers are overly fragmented. The Affordable Care Act mandates that all states create new, updated systems for performing these checks on workers who have direct contact with long-term care clients. CredentialedCARE is creating a one-stop solution that integrates all state programs into one cloud-based site that helps providers lower the cost of staff recruitment and increase efficiencies while offering unique marketing strategies that improve transparency for consumers.

liberatelogoLiberate Medical (Louisville, KY) is developing an abdominal electrical muscle stimulator, which synchronizes with a patients breathing activity, as a platform technology to treat patients with respiratory disease. They are initially focused on reducing air trapping in COPD patients and reducing hospital days for patients on mechanical ventilation

LockUpLeadLogoLockUpLead (Louisville, KY) neutralizes the CDC’s #1 environmental neurotoxin in homes, schools, and urban soil – poisonous lead. The permanent brain damage to young children that leads to learning and behavior disorders can be avoided with this EPA-tested technology that converts toxic lead on contact to a molecular form that can’t be absorbed by the body or leach into the environment.

MedsparqLogoMedsparq (Louisville, KY) is a cloud-based appointment scheduling system for health care providers. Its mission is to empower providers and patients to select and instantly schedule appointments with other healthcare providers in order to increase access to providers, reduce staff work, and improve patient care transitions

medicalsearchlogoMedical Search Technologies (Chicago, IL) offers a cloud based text mining platform for life sciences research and marketing and patient outcomes research. The platform is designed to extract quantitative and qualitative information from leading published biomedical journals, EMR’s, FDA drug labels, and patient forums. It is used for drug discovery and repurposing, mapping of genes and receptors, drug comparison studies, biopsy and pathology analysis, discovering which treatment modalities are most effective, and any other application which requires analyzing unstructured text. The Company is led by an experienced, multidisciplinary team of entrepreneurs, physicians, and software developers.

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