Topgolf is an indoor-outdoor golfing range serving food and drinks. | Courtesy of TopGolf

Louisville Metro Council will give the proposed Topgolf development final consideration at its meeting on Nov. 29.

The council’s Planning, Zoning and Annexation Committee voted 6-to-1 Tuesday afternoon to move the project forward to the full council, nearly a month after the Planning Commission voted to recommend Topgolf for approval.

Councilwoman Marilyn Parker, R-18, was the only person to vote against. During the Planning, Zoning and Annexation Committee meeting, she said she is not in favor of the Topgolf at Oxmoor Center, which is located in her district.

Her initial impression was “that really looks cool and like a fun venue,” Parker said, but after listening to residents’ concerns, she’d come down on the side of the opposition. The residents lived in the area first, she noted, so they should be given primary consideration.

“That opposition was very detailed, very well presented and well researched,” Parker said.

After saying that her fellow Metro Council members may not have read the full report on the proposal because it was quite extensive, she listed off a number of concerns residents cited during public testimony before the Planning Commission including drinking and driving, noise, traffic, light infiltration and proximity to residences.

Although she knew there was no support for it, Parker stated, if it was her choice, she’d host another public hearing because some constituents were cut off or didn’t feel their voices were heard — despite the Planning Commission hearing 11 hours of testimony both for and against Topgolf.

Metro staff estimated that about 500 people attended the first Planning Commission hearing and between 250 and 300 people showed up to the second hearing.

Councilman Robin Engel, R-22, is the only other council member who voiced his opinion during the committee meeting before the vote. Engel noted that he’s been to and enjoyed visiting a Topgolf before.

“I am going to support this development all the way through,” Engel said. “I can’t wait to play here.”

The committee briefly considered a binding element that would add a bond and require removal of netting poles in a timely manner should Topgolf close. It was voted down but could come up again at the full council.

Even if the Metro Council approves the variances and waiver, however, the project still may face another hurdle, as the attorney representing the city of Hurstbourne and those opposed to Topgolf at Oxmoor Center has already mentioned potential legal action.

Caitlin Bowling
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