sun tan cityJust in time for beach weather, all six Louisville-area Ultra Tan locations are now officially closed, effective April 1. The chain of tanning salons had been in business in Louisville for over 20 years. But there’s at least a nominal silver lining, if not a tan line, for members of the tanning chain.

Louisville’s Sun Tan City announced it will honor all Ultra Tan memberships, session packages and prepaid tanning dollars purchased by Ultra Tan clients. Also, Sun Tan City said in a press release that the company has agreed to upgrade erstwhile Ultra Tan clients’ tanning packages to the next level, for free.

So, go forth and soak in those UV rays (if you’re into that kind of thing).

The six now-defunct Ultra Tan locations were in the Stonybrook Shopping Center, Westport Plaza, Dorsey Plaza, Tymberwood Shopping Center, Woodlawn Center, and Shops of Forest Springs.

Sun Tan City has over 290 tanning salons in 21 states, and is the second-largest chain of indoor tanning salons. It was founded in 1999 by brothers David and Rick Kueber.

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David Serchuk
David Serchuk is a staff writer at Insider Louisville. He is a former editor at, and an ex-reporter at Forbes magazine. He's written for NPR,, New York, Pittsburgh, Louisville and other publications named for places. He enjoys writing about business, music and other things as well.