Wild and WoollyWild and Woolly Video, the venerable Bardstown Road video shop once seemingly impervious to negative trends in the industry, is closing its doors on March 23, the company’s 18th anniversary.

Founder and owner Todd Brashear announced the closing in an email to customers this morning. He wrote that profits have been declining for the past several years, and the store is no longer “sustainable” in its current form.

“So my family and I thank you for all of your years of love and support and for keeping us around a lot longer than I could have ever imagined,” Brashear wrote. “Our customers are incredible and it’s amazing how many people are no longer just customers, but are truly our friends.”

Brashear says he will begin selling off the store’s legendary movie collection on January 26. Wild and Woolly will keep renting movies through March 15 and honor gift cards until the doors close for good.

Brashear wrote that the closing is motivated in part by his desire for a new career — as a Pilates instructor.

“I am also just ready for something different. I’ve been taking Pilates classes for a couple of years due to a shoulder injury, and they’ve really helped my shoulder as well as my overall health,” Brashear wrote. “But I’ve also gotten deeper into studying this method of exercise, and learning about Joseph Pilates, the man who invented it.”

We’ll miss you, W&W.

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Stephen George
Stephen George is news editor of Insider Louisville. He is a former editor of LEO Weekly and the Nashville City Paper, and a former news editor of the Nashville Scene. He has written for various other news and culture publications and is happy to be back in Louisville.