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Interim Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis said on Thursday that he expected that the hearing to determine the fate of JCPS would most likely happen later in the summer or early in the fall.

Legal counsel for both the state board of education and JCPS are still deciding on a hearing date, interim Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis told reporters in Frankfort after a budget hearing. The hearing could happen as early as late July, but will most likely happen later in the summer or early in the fall, he said.

In the hearing, JCPS will challenge Lewis’ recommended state takeover. Both the district and lawyers representing the state board of education will present evidence supporting their side, and the state board will vote on the takeover. The state board has final authority on the matter.

Lewis again said he hadn’t begun working on a takeover plan, saying he isn’t allowed to do so until after the hearing and board vote. However, he did say a takeover of JCPS, the state’s largest district, will be costly. Lewis told reporters that he would spend “every dime” to “protect kids” in the district.

Lewis initially recommended a state takeover of the district in April, including busing, achievement gaps and high levels of restraint and seclusion of students as reasons. The district said it would challenge the ruling in a hearing at the end of May.

Olivia Krauth

Olivia Krauth

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