Indiana is providing metal detectors to schools across the state.

When the first school bell rings in a few weeks in Indiana, students could get wanded with a handheld metal detector.

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb said metal detectors would soon be available for any school that wants them free of charge.

Holcomb announced that state funding is now in place for every Indiana school to have the devices.

The debate over the use of metal detectors has increased in Indiana since the shooting at Noblesville West Middle School.

According to CBS News, a science teacher tackled a male student armed with two handguns at the suburban Indianapolis middle school in May. A student said he watched Jason Seaman run toward the gunman and tackle him to the ground after he fired several shots into a classroom, CBS reported.

While the goal is to increase school safety, Indiana parents said they’re not sure how to feel about the announcement.

One parent said she has concerns about how efficient the detectors will be in larger schools and the impact it will have on children, comparing the process to a secondary screening at an airport.

Schools have 10 days to submit their requests. One metal detector would be available for every 250 students.

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