By Dari’Anne Hudson 

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 11.52.38 AM
This is what the RPK homepage looked like over the Memorial Day weekend.

A group of hackers known as AnonCoders — part of the infamous Anonymous network — hijacked the Republican Party of Kentucky’s website over the Memorial Day weekend, with the site finally being restored Tuesday morning.

Steve Robertson, chairman of RPK, tells IL the attack is believed to have happened on Saturday night when it was noticed by a site visitor and reported to developers. However, according to Robertson, most of the site developers were on vacation for the extended weekend and unavailable to respond quickly.

The site that was attacked is not housed on any internal servers at RPK headquarters, Robertson says, and as a result no files were compromised.

“Thankfully that domain is not the home of any contribution or data systems that we rely on,” said Robertson. “At least we had different things parked at different spaces.”

The reason behind the attack by AnonCoders is still unknown.

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