Kentucky Press News Service

Gov. Matt Bevin said Tuesday that he was still committed to overhauling Kentucky’s tax code and would call a special legislative session sometime after the middle of August.

Bevin made his intentions known by sending a letter to all state lawmakers.

Gov. Matt Bevin

Bevin told lawmakers he wanted to “make it crystal clear that, despite the rumblings of the Frankfort rumor mill, our administration has made no final decisions with respect to any changes to the tax code or pension structures.”

“Anybody that suggests otherwise is either completely misinformed or is deliberately misinforming you and your constituents,” Bevin wrote.

The governor told legislators to share their ideas and recommendations with his budget staff by July 15. Bevin said he wants to know which tax exemptions should be discontinued.

“I believe we can make Kentucky’s tax code simpler and more competitive with surrounding states like Indiana and Tennessee by lowering or eliminating certain taxes, while at that same time generating sufficient revenue through economic growth and closing special-interest tax loopholes,” Bevin said in his letter.

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