William Harrison Park | Courtesy WLKY

Three Metro Council members will host a neighborhood meeting tonight at 7 p.m. to address safety concerns after a truck crashed into William Harrison Park, injuring three children who were playing there on Jan. 20.

One of the concerns is a lack of barriers that could have stopped the truck from plowing into the park. William Harrison Park is located at 3232 Oleanda Avenue and it is where three council districts come together.

City leaders said this particular interaction on Oleanda Avenue presents some challenges.

“Overall I think we should look at how do we protect kids and if there are improvements we can make at other parks in areas where we know kids are playing,” Metro Council President David James, D-6, said. “We just have to have that conversation. The Parks Department is going to be there to be a part of that conversation. They’ve come up with some ideas and thoughts on that too, so we’re going to present all of those to the community and see what they have to say about it.”

Councilwomen Mary Woolridge, D-3, and Marianne Butler, D-15, are helping spearhead the meeting.

In a news release, Woolridge said, “We are asking the community to come together and help us make sure this park is safe and this kind of thing never happens again.”

Metro Public Works, Metro Parks, and LMPD have also been invited to attend. The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. tonight at the South Louisville Community Center at 2911 Taylor Boulevard.


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