Abandoned property | WLKY

By Morgan Lentes | WLKY

City leaders have planned a series of meetings to educate the public about purchasing abandoned and vacant properties.

During the first meeting on Monday, Laura Grabowski, director of Louisville Metro’s Vacant and Public Property Administration, said that there are about 4,100 abandoned parcels of land in Louisville. Of those, 2,700 are structures.

[In October, Insider reported that the city introduced programs aimed at making it easier to buy abandoned property.]

“The city only controls about 16 percent of these parcels,” Grabowski said.

She said the majority of parcels are privately owned, which means they take longer to purchase and repurpose.

City holds meeting on abandoned property. | Courtesy WLKY

Grabowski said officials had made it their priority to sell the 420 structures that are owned by the city.

“Lots are problematic, but structures are where we really want to put our resources toward,” Grabowski said.

Monday’s meeting included a Q-and-A session. Many residents wanted clarification on the process for purchasing a vacant lot or abandoned home.

“I feel like this meeting is great,” resident Donna Adams said. “I’ll keep coming until I get answers.”

Adams said she has maintained an abandoned home next to her own home for more than a decade. She told WLKY she had concerns about what could happen there if she stopped.

“The crime is because of the vacant houses,” Adams said.

There are several programs from Metro Louisville to help people purchase a property. The next meeting has not been scheduled.

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