For evening commuters, the best route to avoid sewer work on Lexington Road is to detour to Broadway and East Chestnut Street, according to Louisville MSD.

On Monday, MSD began to install a sewer pipe under a section of Lexington Road between Hamilton and Baxter avenues.

Next week, on May 29, the intersection of Lexington Road and Baxter Avenue will also close so that connections can be made to capture overflow points and direct them to the new pipe and MSD’s Waterway Protection Tunnel, the agency said.

The new line will capture nine sewer overflow points that now discharge to Beargrass Creek.

MSD said the roadways are scheduled to reopen by Aug. 7. (There is local access for businesses, homes and use of parking lots, MSD said.)

The Waterway Protection Tunnel is part of MSD’s effort to prevent sewage from overflowing into Louisville’s waterways. To keep up with the project, visit

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