Slow going after the holiday? Here’s what you may have missed:

MSD releases ‘Critical Repair & Reinvestment Plan’
Tyler Park during Eastern Parkway water main break in 2014 | Photo from

We’re not going to lie: this report seems fairly doom-y and gloom-y. Some of Louisville’s wastewater, storm water and flood protection infrastructure dates back to the Civil War, and according to MSD CEO Tony Parrott, in the next decade rain events are forecasted to increase three times today’s current levels.

The report comes with this tough honesty: “The difficult truth is the solutions come with a price tag of $4.3 billion over the next 20 years, including almost $500 million to finish the remaining Consent Decree projects to meet the federal order to reduce combined sewer overflows.”

The entire report is online and MSD is seeking your feedback.

Watch the video starring Parrott here:

Reed Cordish of Cordish Cos. named to Trump’s cabinet

Reed Cordish has been named President-Elect Donald J Trump’s assistant to the president for intergovernmental and technology initiatives, according to The Baltimore Sun. Cordish, is a partner at the Cordish Companies, the Baltimore-based real estate developer whose properties include Louisville’s Fourth Street Live.

Cordish is a friend of the Trump family and is said to be best friends with Donald Trump’s son-in-law.

Fourth Street Live fell afoul of local civil rights and fairness agencies last year over claims that the company was racially profiling customers. The Philadelphia chapter of the National Action Network also released a report in September 2015 stating that the company was responsible for “perpetuating systemic, wholesale discrimination against African-Americans.”

Since then Cordish has made significant changes to its tenants with more family-friendly, restaurant centered businesses moving in to Fourth Street Live.

“I am humbled by the role and excited to work with the incredible people within the West Wing and the agencies to effect change,” Cordish said in a statement released by the transition team.

GLI’s CEO Kent Oyler issues a ‘Case for Racial Healing’

Kent Oyler, chief executive of the local chamber, issued a brief “Case for Racial Healing” Tuesday afternoon. In it, he called upon business leaders to make a “daily effort” to invest in the prosperity of people and communities that are not currently prospering.

He wrote: “I urge the business leaders in Louisville, to recognize the economic inequities that split our community by race, including the physical divide of Ninth Street.  This sustained inequity holds our entire city back from greater economic and civic success. It is a sticking point, and one that must not wait for another generation to solve.”

The Op-Ed was reprinted in its entirety by The Courier-Journal, alongside quotes from Civil Rights giants like Nelson Mandela, Fannie Lou Hamer, Martin Luther King Jr. and Ella Jo Baker.

Happy birthday to the Champ

People around the world are celebrating Louisville’s late native son, Muhammad Ali, on what would have been his 75th birthday.

Lonni Ali memorialized her husband with a New York Times op-ed Tuesday about the similarities between the boxer and humanitarian and another Louisville native, Thomas Merton.

Sports Illustrated honored him by posting the 100 best pictures of Ali.

Also, the foundation of a longtime Ali friend and artist, LeRoy Neiman, has announced that it is donating a number of Neiman’s artworks, including the “Athlete of the Century” portrait of Ali in the Muhammad Ali Center to the center. The collected value of the art is expected to be at least $500,000.

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