Louisville Metro Council | Courtesy WLKY

By Teeya Barnes | WLKY

The Louisville Metro Council unanimously voted Thursday night to adopt its first sexual harassment policy for council members and council employees.

Under the new policies and procedures, sexual harassment is defined and there is a reporting process in place to review any employee complaint with notifications through an immediate supervisor or an individual council person.

The new policies also deal with alleged harassment by a member of the Metro Council.

The policy has been in the works for months, but it recently became a top priority for co-sponsor and District 1 Council Member Jessica Green.

In June, Green claimed Councilman Dan Johnson groped her at a press conference. Johnson contends he simply brushed up against her inadvertently.

Johnson apologized and has since resigned from the democratic caucus but is maintaining his council seat.

“This policy has been months in the making and I appreciate the support of my colleagues as we have worked through this tough, but necessary process,” said Angela Leet, the District 7 council member who co-sponsored the policy. “I believe what was passed tonight is legislation that ensures the protection of not only elected Metro Council members but any employee of the Metro Council. No one should ever feel unsafe in their workplace and I will continue to take the necessary steps to ensure this to be true for anyone at city hall.”

Separately, the council approved an ordinance requiring any city employee who suspects a child is being abused, to report it. Also, if the charge is against a Louisville Metro Police Department employee, a report is to be made with the Kentucky State Police, the commonwealth’s attorney or a designated representative.

Metro Council declined to vote on a proposed MSD rate hike, which could have increased rates 20 percent immediately or up to 10 percent every year for four years. On Friday, MSD announced that it would impose a 6.9 percent increase for residential and business customers starting Aug. 1.


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