Prompted by the passage of an “informed consent” abortion law in Kentucky, Rep. Mary Lou Marzian, D-Louisville, filed a bill this week that would require a patient to have two office visits with a doctor before erectile dysfunction medication could be prescribed. In addition, the bill would allow the drug to be obtained only by married men who swear on a Bible that they’ll use the drug exclusively when having sexual relations with their spouse.

“I’m just sick of them… I’ve had it with 80 men telling women what to do,” Marzian tells Insider Louisville. “It’s just to make a point. Should we have a bunch of politicians untrained in health care telling women what to do? So I thought I’d just tell them what to do.”

The current session of the General Assembly has been full of abortion bills again this year, with the informed consent bill requiring an extra visit with a doctor 24 hours before an abortion procedure finally passing both chambers and being signed into law. Another bill requiring a trans-vaginal ultrasound before the procedure is currently making its way through the state Senate.

Marzian admits her bill itself is tongue-in-cheek, but says, “It’s also to demonstrate how ridiculous it is for elected government officials to be meddling in private health care decisions… they’re so obsessed with uteruses and ovaries and women’s health, but not concerned about the 9 percent cut to mental health services.”

Her bill specifically would require:

  • A man to have two (2) office visits on two (2) different calendar days before the health care practitioner prescribes a drug for erectile dysfunction to him;
  • A drug to only be prescribed for erectile dysfunction to a man who is currently married;
  • A man to produce a signed and dated letter from the man’s current spouse providing consent for a prescription for erectile dysfunction;
  • A man to make a sworn statement with his hand on a Bible that he will only use a prescription for a drug for erectile dysfunction when having sexual relations with his current spouse.

Marzian hopes some of her female colleagues will join her as co-sponsors of the bill and says she would love for the Health and Welfare Committee to give it a hearing. She even says she may file similar amendments to the seven anti-abortion bills that have been filed this session, such as enacting penalties for having unprotected sex, or requiring a 24-hour waiting period and two visits with the victim of mass school shootings before being able to buy a gun.

The spokeswoman for Republican Floor Leader Jeff Hoover did not return an email requesting comment on Marzian’s bill.

Of the specific details about erectile dysfunction drugs in her bill, Marzian added, “Of course some of them would say, ‘I don’t know about having to get that.’”

Joe Sonka

Joe Sonka

Joe Sonka is a staff writer at Insider Louisville focusing on government, politics, education and public safety. He is a former news editor and staff writer at LEO Weekly and has also freelanced for The Nation and ThinkProgress. He has won first place awards from the Louisville Metro chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists in the categories of Health Reporting, Enterprise Reporting, Government/Politics, Minority/Women’s Affairs Reporting, Continuing Coverage and Best Blog. Email him at [email protected]