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By Caray Grace | WLKY

The homeless camp that once sat under an I-65 overpass is no more. Louisville city officials said they were going to clear away the camp along Jefferson Street, and as of noon Monday, there was nothing left.

The cleanup started just before 9 a.m. Even then, there were still people camped out with their belongings.

Representatives from groups like Exit Zero and St. John’s Center for Homeless Men came to offer assistance to those who didn’t know where to go next.

“A lot of them don’t know what’s their next plan, they’re losing everything they have. So for us, it’s to help them out, keep their property and get them to a right and safe location for housing,” Ahmen Sheikh-Hussein, with St. John’s Center for Homeless Men, said.

The center recently opened up a storage locker program for those who need a free, safe space to store their belongings.

Some chose not to utilize it, resulting in a lot of their items being thrown away. Large dump trucks picked up the waste left behind.

As Insider reported, the St. John Center for Homeless Men held a grand opening for its temporary storage facility for the homeless a week ago, part of the city’s effort to provide emergency services through surplus funds approved in December.

While the storage facility is already providing critical services for homeless individuals, its funding from the city runs out at the end of June and may be at risk of not being renewed in next year, as the city stares down a $35 million budget shortfall.

In reaction to the camp removal Monday, Metro Council member Bill Hollander tweeted: “Today’s clear out doesn’t eliminate unsafe and unsanitary conditions. It just moves the conditions to places less visible to the public. The solution to homelessness is housing — and we desperately need more supportive and affordable housing in Louisville.”

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