Homeless camp | Courtesy WLKY

By Shaquille Lord | WLKY

A homeless camp near CSX railroad tracks on Baxter Avenue will be cleared out soon. Homeless outreach groups and advocates were told Friday that the people living at the camp had 10 days to move.

More than 30 people live at the CSX-owned property. WLKY spoke with one man who said he’s lived there for three months.

“It’s hard to know who to trust out here so a lot of people are probably going to go off on their own places and try to be somewhere by themselves which really will just make them a target if somebody does find them,” Christopher Grammar said.

Nina Mosely is with Wayside Christian Mission. She said the low barrier shelters that have 100 beds for homeless people to sleep are full every night.

“It’s a dilemma, where do they go? It’s a big dilemma for our city,” Grammar said.

CSX sent a statement regarding the homeless camp clear out:

“CSX is working with the city and Louisville Metro Police Department to assist in transitioning individuals who have been occupying CSX property near an active rail line to safer living situations. Any activity near an active rail line is dangerous and CSX is committed to working with appropriate agencies to resolve the public health and safety challenge created by the current situation,” the statement said.

At the beginning of April, the homeless camp under the I-65 overpass at Jefferson and Jackson Streets was cleared out by the city.

Advocates for the homeless said the city’s shelters are full every night and a lot of people who live on the streets don’t want to be in shelters.

As Insider Louisville reported, the annual census taken by the Coalition for the Homeless found an increase in the overall number of homeless individuals but a decrease in the number who are unsheltered.

“While the visibility of street homelessness has drastically risen in the last two years, it is not necessarily true that the number of those sleeping in camps or on the streets has risen,” noted Natalie Harris, executive director of the Coalition for the Homeless, in the report. “Homeless individuals are having greater difficulty finding safe locations for homeless camps and many see greater security in well-lit downtown sites where they believe there is safety in numbers.”

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