Dr. Marty Pollio | Courtesy WLKY

The new interim Jefferson County Public Schools superintendent, Dr. Marty Pollio, held his first official news conference Monday. Pollio said his No. 1 priority was to make sure teachers and staff had the resources they needed.

Pollio said he understood the district faced a number of challenges, including a state audit. Even so, he said he wanted teachers, staff and students to know that he supported them and that he wanted to work to improve the climate and culture in JCPS schools.

Pollio became acting superintendent Sunday, taking over the position from Dr. Donna Hargens.

He’s been working in the district for the last 20 years, serving as principal at Doss High School before starting his new role.

Pollio said he knows climate, culture and morale were low, citing results from a recent survey of teachers and staff in JCPS schools.

He said he would improve those issues by making sure teachers had the financial resources they needed, increasing communication and following the district’s Vision 2020 development plan.

“We have big issues ahead of us as a district. We have the results of the KDE audit on the horizon, review of student assignment plan, facilities plan, charter schools and a new accountability system all occurring in the near future,” Pollio said. “Whether I am here for the short term or the long term, I am committed to being a passionate leader who confronts these issues head on.”

Pollio said a priority was to increase communication. He plans to visit schools across the district as often as possible.

The search for a new superintendent is underway.

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