By Courtney Shaw | WLKY News

Congressman John Yarmuth

U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth will not be attending the president’s inauguration on Friday.

He said those callers urged him to boycott the inauguration.

“I don’t agree with John Lewis as to the legitimacy of the presidency, I think he was elected legitimately. But he has acted consistently leading up to the election and since then in a way that has seriously damaged the image of the presidency. He’s treated it with not nearly enough dignity and I thought that’s important to make that statement and that’s the way I could say it by staying away,” Yarmuth said.

Trump took to Twitter over the weekend, calling Lewis’ district “crime infested” and said it was falling apart. He also said the civil rights icon was “all talk” and “no action.”

That was after Lewis said he did not consider Trump a legitimate president.

Yarmuth said he does not agree with Lewis on that point.

According to The Washington Post, Yarmuth is among more than 40 Democratic lawmakers boycotting the inauguration.

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