opencoffee36Rain seemed to keep some people away this morning. We had a smaller than usual turn out at #OpenCoffeeLou. And who could blame anyone for sleeping in?

Kelby Price moderated today’s meeting. He asked us to introduce ourselves and let the group know if we needed anything.

Some answers:

Elizabeth Rounsavall needs a street team for the Maker’s Faire. Help with postering and generally spreading the word. Contact information on the website.

Greg Langdon is part of the planning team for the next Startup Weekend Louisville in September. He’s looking for connectors: people who work in mid-sized Louisville companies who are willing to evangelize the program within their companies.

Will Bogel wanted help spreading the word about the free, recently-launched food truck locator iOS app Where the trucks at?

You can always count on Kelby Price to encourage the community to dream and dream big.

The subject of today’s brain storm was the Market Street Corridor. We know that the city plans to revitalize the strip so that the Nucleus Building and Home of the Innocence are seamlessly connected.

As long as we know that the city and the Downtown Development Corp has $13 million dollars to spend, said Kelby, why don’t we brainstorm ideal infrastructure improvements and what they could mean to business and residents?

He broke us into groups and asked us to brainstorm what it would mean to NuLu if the corridor offered (a) unlimited free solar power (b) plentiful free rainwater-sourced water or (c) reliable, free high speed internet.

Some ideas were plausible. Some were definitely “dream big” candidates (swimming holes in NuLu!)

Here’s what we came up with:

Power Table

  • Electric trolley
  • Inductive charging for computers/cell phones etc.
  • Hydroponic gardens– for a fresh food market (perfect for “Market” street)
    • MSD already is giving credit for living roofs/green roof.

Water Table

  • Canal and gondolas
  • Sprinkler system
  • Cisterns for grey water
  • Carwash co-ops, dog wash co-op
  • Water-intensive businesses– beverages manufacturer, brewery
  • Swimming holes
  • Bathhouse

Data Table

  • Prototype living apartments/condos with quasi-AI
  • Sensors that measure pollution and traffic and foot traffic
  • Car sharing… while someone is at work, someone can be using their car
  • Auto metering, allowing for discounts on insurance based on use
  • Parking meters showing available spaces, pay from your desk/phone
  • Interactive art at the Speed. Also measures who is interacting with the art displays
  • Sensors for a smart garden

Price plans on submitting some of the ideas to Vision Louisville.

Coming Attractions:

The first Hardware Startups Meetup is on July 29 at LVL1. If you are a startup (or want to be a startup) that builds something physical, this is the event for you. More details here. 

Velocity is hosting the first 5Across pitch contest in Kentuckiana. It’s on July 31 at 5 p.m. Five companies will pitch. One will walk way with 500 bucks. More information here.

In #OpenCoffeeLou news: On August 5, we will be hosted by the design team from GE Appliance Park at the Cressman Center. Members of the team will be on hand to walk us through HOME 2025. Mark your calendars. More info to come.

Deborah Boyer will moderate  #OpenCoffeeLou on July 29. All entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial-minded folks are welcome. With few exceptions (like August 5), you’ll find us at 8 a.m. every Monday morning at the iHub, 204 S. Floyd Street.

Thank you, as always, to Heine Brothers for sponsoring the coffee.


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