By Courtney Shaw | WLKY

An employee of Domino’s Pizza at 10000 Brownsboro Road and an employee of Old Chicago Pizza on Taylorsville Road have been diagnosed with hepatitis A.

Customers who ate at Domino’s from April 15 to April 28 and customers who were at Old Chicago from April 21 to May 5 may have been exposed to the disease.

All employees at both restaurants have been vaccinated.

Symptoms are fatigue, decreased appetite, stomach pain, nausea, darkened urine and jaundice.

Hepatitis A is usually transmitted by putting something in our mouth such as an object, food or drink which has been in contact with the feces of an infected person.

“While we have had a very small number of food workers diagnosed with hepatitis A in our community, there still has been NO foodborne transmission,” said Dr. Lori Caloia, medical director. “Also, our restaurant industry has really stepped up to the plate to get their workers immunized.”

About 5,000 local food service employees have been vaccinated, she said.

The best way to prevent exposure is to get vaccinated and to wash your hands.

As Insider has reported, Hepatitis A shots have been recommended by the state of Kentucky for people living in Jefferson, Bullitt and a few other counties touched by the outbreak. Louisville has had more than 270 cases and one death associated with the outbreak, according to the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness.

Several local businesses, including some groceries and restaurants, have had workers diagnosed with hepatitis A in recent months.

When a food service worker is diagnosed with hepatitis A, the person is immediately excluded from work and not allowed to return without release from his or her medical provider, the department noted. Also, all employees at the business are vaccinated, and disinfection and sanitation practices are followed.


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