The soon-to-be demolished Lampe house.

Editor’s note: This story was updated at 10:16  a.m. on October 23

The plan today is to demo the old house using two John Deere Skidders, large tractors used in forestry work.

Somewhere along the line, demolition crews will determine best way to run cables below the house (a crawl space, maybe?) and attach cables to two John Deere Skidders.

The Skidders are courtesy Holt Equipment Co., a John Deere construction equipment dealer on  Aiken Road in Middletown.

Skidders will take off  simultaneously in opposite directions and demo crew members believe one of two scenarios will occur –  the house will break in two, separating towards the Skidders, or the house will break in half and collapse on itself.

Our experts on the scene estimate is this “Extreme Makeover” project is about eight hours behind, which may be no big deal since they have an extra day. Except, all bets are off with rain coming in!

Friday update:

Paul, the most sensitive of the “Extreme Makeover” designers, is throwing a football with oldest Lampe sons, John and Justin.

The two oldest boys go to Trinity High School, we’re being told.

Otherwise, there is still no construction start.

The Lampe family and design team members still are discussing the project while crews are shooting video.

Catering tents, set lights and cameras, Port0lets,  support structures and construction equipment are in place or are being set up on the property.

The original report:

“Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” has chosen their Louisville family, and it’s the Lampe family of Fairdale.

The family of eight – Jeffery and Shelley Lampe and their six children – were introduced to the crew of the hit ABC Television show at about 11:05 Friday morning.

The children are John, 16, Justin, 14, Dominic, 12, Rita, 10, Maria, 6 and Angela, 3.

Two of the boys are wrestling champions.

The Lampes live at 10617 Jefferson Hill Road.

The Lampes’ property is about 2 miles south of Fairdale near Knob Creek Road, and close to Tom Wallace Park in extreme southern Jefferson County near the Jefferson-Bullitt counties line.

They own a small house on a 10-acre lot, according to Jefferson County Property Valuation Administration records

The entire property has a taxable value of $243,430, according to PVA.

Jeff Lampe operates JMJ Tree Services.

The Lampes have three boys and three girls. The Lampe boys are avid wrestlers and have part of a barn on the property dedicated to a practice area.

Jeff Lampe has had medical problem including an eye lost in a work accident. Angela, the youngest, has Downs Syndrome.

“Extreme Makeover” rew and volunteers were assembled at the Baxter Avenue Theaters at the Mid-City Mall for “the reveal,” the moment the family realizes they’ve been chosen.

The Lampes knew they were one of several families under consideration. The ruse producers used to get the family to the announcement was that they were going to see the new “Secretariat” movie while “Extreme Makeover” crews inspected their home.

Cast, crew and volunteers were positioned as audience. In trailer before the film started, the family’s name from the screen.

The family went back home via the show’s bus and with Extreme Makeover design team, Ed, Paige and Paul and Ty.

The team will design a room for each child based on their interests and needs.

Contrary to earlier news reports, construction of the Lampe’s new home will start today after the “Extreme Makeover” crew films preliminary scenes of the family talking about their vision of the new home.

Ground and foundation work on the new house is scheduled to start this afternoon.

Demolition of the existing house is scheduled for tomorrow. The new home will be built behind the existing house.

More when we know more.

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