Insider 502 report: A look at engaged and influential YPAL members

2016-05-18_13-33-27The Young Professionals Association of Louisville (YPAL) provides leadership development, educational opportunities, and philanthropic support to Louisville’s young professionals for the benefit of the local community. The mission of YPAL is to connect, engage, and develop metro Louisville’s young professionals through community, professional and social opportunities.

Who are these young professionals? How are they engaged in our community? Numbered in the hundreds, YPAL members come from diverse backgrounds and pursue a multitude of professional and civic endeavors.

Insider 502 offers an efficient way to quickly identify meaningful connections to these young professionals and measure their local involvement. Whether you’re a young professional looking to further engage the community or you’re looking for talented young professionals, Insider 502 is the hyperlocal data source to find connections that matter.

Insider 502’s database-driven influencer model considers if the subject is an elected official or executive; how many corporate or community boards upon which the subject serves; are they active in charities, professional, and/or civic organizations; have a significant social media following; or, ever founded a company.

Take a look for yourself! The following 45 influential Insider 502 profiles of YPAL members will tell you a great deal about them, our community, and why you should connect with them.

Insider 502’s research team is constantly updating data and certifying new content. Visit Insider 502 to view more than 3,900 unique profiles. If we’re missing your organization or business, you can always submit it for our review. Maybe you will be on our next influencers report!