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We created Insider Talent because Insiders seek careers that create impact, Insiders want Louisville to be a great city, and Insiders know that great cities are built by great people.

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Insider Talent is the platform to achieve both these goals. When you read the job profiles in Insider Talent, we want you to not only think about how it may be a perfect fit for you, but also your friends, co-workers, children, siblings, college roommates and anyone else in your circle wherever they currently live, who would make a great employee and a great citizen of our fair city.

We are challenging you, the readers of IL to leverage the power of social media, to share these profiles and actively pass them on to candidates you know. Louisvillians are the best recruiters we have, and Insiders now have the opportunity to have a first look at some of the coolest jobs in town. If the jobs we profile aren’t for you, pass them on and become recruiters for our city. The future of our city lies in the people who choose to work and live here. Insider Talent is an opportunity for you to help add to our ever increasing talent pool.

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