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If you’ve been out and about to community shindigs, parties, fundraisers or even caught that catchy “I Go Downtown” video made by the Louisville Downtown Partnership, chances are you’ve seen the Yascone family — made up of three sisters, Faith, Love and Joy, and their mother, Glenda.

The Louisville natives run Yascone Enterprises, which offers event space and planning, interior and exterior home decorating and other creative services. And each of the three sisters has a résumé 10 pages long with acting credits (all three have SAG cards), books, businesses, artwork and music.

They even have their own music group, appropriately called Love Joy & Faith, that won Best Dance Music for a Billboard magazine DMS contest.

In addition to running the family business, each has their own interests, passion projects and gigs.

Faith recently appeared in the film “The River Runs Red,” starring Taye Diggs and John Cusack, and she serves on the board of Louisville Bespoke as fashion chair. Love has performed in regional theater and commercials. And Joy is a composer, healer, astrological counselor and author of “The Power of Divine Timing.”

The Yascone sisters with their mother Glenda | Courtesy

The family always has championed the arts, and on Saturday, Dec. 8, they’re hosting a Prohibition Classic Christmas Open House at one of their event spaces, the historic Frankfort Avenue CoachHouse.

The free party will serve as a fundraiser for the Kentucky Opera, and it’ll feature cocktails, snacks, caroling, live music and much more.

“Our goal with the CoachHouse is to foster a sense of community and philanthropy,” said Joy in a news release. “We have partnered with Kentucky Opera to raise funds and awareness … and have continued to offer our space to guest artists in support of our love for the arts.”

It’s suggested you wear 1920s attire, and the party runs from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. The CoachHouse is located at 2000 Frankfort Ave.

Before the Yascone sisters decorate the space with both holiday and speakeasy themes, we asked each of them some very important questions …

What’s the most surprising thing on your Bucket List?

Faith Yascone: I don’t have a Bucket List … life is so amazing, I try to live life to the fullest, and I am able to every day! To fall in love or move to Japan for a few years would be fun.

Love Yascone: I don’t really have a Bucket List. I guess that is the most surprising thing. I believe all things are possible, including magic. Life is something that is not set in stone. Life is more of an improvisation. You may have a loose idea of how you want things to go, but to have an entire list of what gives you meaning in your life? That is limiting, isn’t it?

Joy Yascone: My Bucket List is to blur the realm of what is possible. My mom, “Glenda the Good,” as we call her, raised us to believe in magic, miracles and that perception is only perception and reality goes beyond what we can see and perceive.

What poster was on your wall in junior high?

Belles of the ball | Oscar de la Renta advertisement

FY: I never was a “fan girl.”

LY: LOL, again I wasn’t your typical preteen. I didn’t really have posters on my wall. My aunt made sure we had W Magazine. So I guess I made my own posters from the ads and articles.

My favorite was a rendering of four women in evening gowns. It was a two-page spread, and it was by Oscar de la Renta. I would imagine it was myself with my mother and two sisters leaving our castle.

JY: I had a poster about gratitude with the sun rising at a dinner table … but if I were to choose a poster at the time, it would have been Michael Jackson!

If you were mayor, to whom would you give the key to the city?

FY: My mother, Glenda Yascone, because she truly strives to be part of the community by showing up every day in a real-life way! She strives to build our community up through investing in properties within our community we live in, which is Old Louisville.

LY: The first person to come to mind was David Bowie. Let me think of someone living in our current plane. Queen Rania of Jordan — she does not bend to the will of the patriarchy. She fights against honor killings. She is intelligent, beautiful, ageless and extremely brave.

JY: Caroline Knop … if you know this magical woman, you agree with me!

What are your preferred pizza toppings?

FY: Pardon me if I sound all-American here — I love pepperoni! I like basil, I can deal with mushrooms … on the side I like pepperoncini … and Kalamata olives I love! I might like basic things, but I love extraordinary experiences, so it’s not just about eating the pizza, it’s about who you’re eating the pizza with.

LY: Bacon, pepperoni and mushroom.

JY: Everything but the kitchen sink — and lots of veggies and sausage.

If you could be any age for a week, what would it be?

FY: My age, because I love where I am at in life. Younger ages — I have been there, done that. Older ages — that can wait.

LY: I don’t believe in age. Age is part of an old paradigm of death and impossibility. Age is a way to admonish people for their behavior and a way to set benchmarks on how much you have accomplished. Age is a binding spell. It is a lie.

My grandmother taught me since the day I was born to never let people define you by age. The only time it is useful is when you are physically growing up! My grandmother is “27.” So, I guess for purposes of going to a bar and voting, I am forever 21. I think 3,000 and ageless is more fun.

JY: Hmm … 24, but I would have to keep the wisdom I know now. You know what they say, youth is wasted on the young.

What famous person do people say you resemble the most?

FY: OMGosh, I don’t know I like looking like me … however, what gets people’s attention is my voice. People say I sound like Bernadette Peters!

Kerry Washington | Courtesy of “Scandal”/ABC

LY: My mom. She is not “famous” (yet), but I am my mother’s twin. I don’t look like anyone in the world but her. I have literally had people come up to me like they know me and continue having a conversation they really had with her. It gets weird.

JY: Kerry Washington. A film director on a commercial audition in Los Angeles said that to me before she was known as “Kerry Washington.” I don’t see it, although I love her and have heard that several times from random strangers.

Who would you most like to be stuck with in an elevator?

FY: God.

LY: First thought, Cody Fern from “American Horror Story Apocalypse.” I am so totally obsessed with him right now. Ask me six months from now, it may be someone else.

JY: Someone with morphine to knock me out, and a tech who knows how to fix it. Being stuck in an elevator sounds dreadful to me … and is my worst nightmare. But if I was stuck on an elevator and still awake after the morphine, I’d want to be with Sting. His music is just … mystifying.

Sara Havens
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