"Madwoman Dreamer" by McCrystle Wood
“Madwoman Dreamer” by McCrystle Wood

By Adelle Brodbeck

After serving as a juror for the Jewish Community Center’s annual “Mazin Show” in 2014, artist McCrystle Wood caught the attention of the JCC gallery board.

Located in the lobby of the Dutchmans Lane JCC, the Patio Gallery features exhibitions from both local and international artists. Through Aug. 25, Wood’s inventive series “Specters and Figments” will grace the walls of the snug gallery. Select pieces from her “Found, and Lost” and “Chimera” collections will also be shown.

“We are very excited and looking forward to this show,” said Slava Nelson, JCC cultural arts director, in a press release. “When our committee approved her to judge the ‘Mazin Show,’ they took a look at her work and asked her to show here. We are always looking for different media and genres to show at the gallery.”

Wood, an art professor emeritus of the University of Cincinnati, specializes in computer-generated images that reference nature and the female form. A studio fire back in 1987 cost Wood her entire collection of supplies, so she turned to the alternative creative process.

In the press release, she explained that to her, forming the images is similar to sculpting.

“I build and construct objects that have all the dimensions and the three-dimensional mass of a real, physical object, except they are virtual objects and they exist in virtual space,” she explained.

"Are We There Yet?" by McCrystle Wood
“Are We There Yet?” by McCrystle Wood

In an artist’s statement on her website, Wood details how she is able to make her unique pieces: “The works are created using the medium of 3-D modeling, built with wireframe, vector-based objects. No traditional photography of any kind is used. With the use of superimposition, refraction and distortion as a way of simultaneous seeing, the medium enables the creation of surreal organic and natural forms that combine in evocative ways to arouse a visceral response.”

Also on display for the Patio Gallery Showcase is the photography series “As I See It” from JCPS educator Catherine Balfe.

The Patio Gallery is located in the JCC at 3600 Dutchmans Lane and is open Monday-Friday and Sunday; entry is free. For more information on the gallery and for specific hours, visit the JCC website. To learn more about the featured artist, you can visit her page here.

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