Here at Insider Louisville, we’ve given plenty of (virtual) ink to coverage of the Gill Holland-produced, Louisville-based-and-filmed, tennis comedy “2nd Serve.”

We’re psyched for Holland, and we’re psyched to see our fair city take center stage in a film (not to mix our metaphors).

And we’re hopeful Gill and director Tim Kirkman portray the city in a more flattering and faithful way than, say, “Elizabethtown,” whose myriad inaccuracies have yielded many a local drinking game.

But it’s possible the bigger arts boon to the city that “2nd Serve” will bring will not be the film but the soundtrack. Holland says that about half of the music featured on the soundtrack is by Louisville artists, all of whom are signed to Holland’s NuLu-based sonaBLAST! Records.

Soundtracks often exceed the popularity of their films.

“Garden State”? Awesome soundtrack.

I have no desire to see that ode to the manic-pixie-dream-girl again. “Singles”? Perhaps one of the best soundtracks ever, but do we need to revisit Ethan Hawkes’ goatee… ever? And if you were a college student on the prowl in the 90’s, it’s likely you had the soundtracks to “The Mission” and to “Last Temptation of Christ” in your dorm-room-romance playlists.

Did you see the movies? If so, what were you thinking seducing co-eds to a song named “Stigmata” that was not some kind of NIN tribute to S&M?

As I said, we’re hoping for huge success for ‘2nd Serve,’ the movie. But let’s not stop our cheerleading there.

Let’s root for the Louisville artists featured on the soundtrack. Who knows, “Trap of Mirrors” may be the next “Dyslexic Heart”?

Featured artists and songs include:

“2nd Serve” premieres tonight at the Brown Theatre and makes its public, local premiere at the Village 8 on October 19. For more information on the film, visit our post from last night. Check out the preview below: