Detail of "Krampus Cutie" by Lyndi Lou
Detail of “Krampus Cutie” by Lyndi Lou

While some of us are still sweating out the tryptophan from the Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas decorations have been loitering in some places since the day after Halloween. Or earlier. If you’re already sick of the saccharine covers of Christmas standards — and the high intensity sales tactics of the supposedly most wonderful time of the year — let this weekend serve as a palate cleanser.

There are a host of events to help relieve your Christmas burnout, including an art show focused on your favorite Christmas demon, festive skateboards and genetic oddities. And if you’re looking for a post-art-show party, Play has you covered with a sassy fundraiser. Insider is here to hook you up with the details.

 Don’t Krampus My Style” — Friday, Dec. 2

"Krampug" by Gemma Correll
“Krampug” by Gemma Correll

Block Party Handmade Boutique is a locally owned art gallery and gift shop. It frequently offers themed art shows that revolve around pop culture and quirk, and this week, it’s focusing on Krampus, a European myth of a demon who works for Santa and kidnaps naughty children who don’t believe in the Christmas spirit.

Block Party owner Mary Levinsky says the show was spurred on by a local artist looking for a place to sell some Krampus art.

“I (said), ‘That sounds fun, let’s do it,’” recalls Levinsky. She’s a longtime fan of the horrible horned one, so she sent out an immediate call for artists. “I’ve always thought Krampus was really interesting. The (opening) is a couple days before Krampus traditionally comes, so it happened to be good timing for the First Friday Hop downtown.”

The Krampus theme also allows the Halloween lovers out there to stretch their affection for the dark and twisted just a little while longer. Local artist Jada Lyn Dixon is participating in the show.

“I wanted to be part of this show because Halloween is my favorite holiday, and Krampus is like combining Halloween and Christmas together,” she says. Dixon describes her piece as “an assemblage” that includes a hand-sculpted Krampus and a ghostly boy figure.

"Gremlins" by Jennifer Meyers
“Lil’ Green Monster” by Jennifer Meyers

In keeping with Levinsky’s love of pop culture and the ’80s, some artists also submitted “Gremlins”-themed work as tribute to their love for a the creepy Christmas classic.

Levinsky hopes the event will be welcoming to all types of people. “It’s an opportunity to get festive about something that isn’t the traditional Christmas, which might not fit everybody’s style and beliefs,” she says.

“Don’t Krampus My Style” opens Friday, Dec. 2, from 5:30-9:30 p.m. It’ll hang through December. Block Party is located at 560 S. Fourth St.

• “Deck The Walls” — Friday, Dec. 2

This type of show is getting to be a tradition in a number of cities all over the country.

The idea is that local artists take blank skateboard decks and use them as canvases, resulting in slightly more affordable art from local favorites.

In the past couple years, this event has been particularly strong in Louisville, under the guidance of Revelry Boutique Gallery owner Mo McKnight Howe and curator Lyndi Lou. But this year, the event is organized by Twisted Images tattoo parlor and Home Skate Shop, and it’s moving over to Portland and the Tim Faulkner Gallery. Hopefully the show will retain its flavor and quality under the new management.

While you’re checking out the festive skateboard decks, grab a cup of hot chocolate and something for the bibliophile on your list over at McQuixote Books and Coffee, also located inside Faulkner Gallery.

“Deck the Walls” opens Friday, Dec. 2, from 6 p.m. to last call. Faulkner Gallery is located at 1512 Portland Ave.

• “Chimera at Consider” — Saturday, Dec. 3

Artwork by Angel Hawari
Artwork by Angel Hawari

Now hold up, before you Greek mythology nerds get all excited, I must clarify the Chimera of which we speak. Sarah Tidwell, this show’s curator, explains: “I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of the Chimera — not the magical beast, but the genetic oddity.”

A genetic Chimera is a creature that has two separate genetic profiles, an oddity that often leads to a startling visage.

“There’s a lot of examples of this in the animal kingdom,” says Tidwell. “There’re pictures of a cardinal that’s half white and half red. It looks like somebody drew a line down the center.” She also mentioned cats and labradors she’s seen online, as well as a salamander she saw in person at a reptile show.

Tidwell, an animal lover known for her stylized portraits and pictures of various critters, invited area artists to contribute to a group show at Consider Boutique. “I offered it up to a bunch of people, and they were, like, on board. So it was born,” she says.

“Chimera at Consider” opens Saturday, Dec. 3, from 6-8 p.m. It hangs through December. Consider Boutique is located at 107 S. Bayly Ave.

• “25/$25 By Jeremy Slaven” — Sunday, Dec. 4

Artwork by Jeremy Slaven
Artwork by Jeremy Slaven

This one-night-only show marks the first solo show from Louisville airbrush artist Jeremy Slaven, who often paints his favorite monsters and sci-fi characters from his favorite movies. There are 25 pieces for $25 each, and the theme is pop culture and, more specifically, Slaven’s love of cinema, he tells us.

Slaven has been a part of numerous shows throughout the last few years, and he’s thrilled to be hosting his first solo show at Seidenfaden’s.

“I’m super excited to show 25 fresh pieces in a new style I’ve recently found myself working in. It’s a mixture of airbrush and fine detail with a paint brush,” he says. “I’m especially excited to share my work in Louisville. The artist community is so supportive here, and it’s always cool to see other amazing artists come out to support you.”

“25/$25” runs from 6-10 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 4. It’s a cash-and-carry event, meaning if you see something you want, you buy it and take it home that night. (Credit cards will be accepted.) Seidenfaden’s is located at 1134 E. Breckenridge St.

• “Baby It’s Cold Outside” — Friday, Dec. 2

Last but not least is the third annual Winter Gala at Play Dance Bar co-hosted by the Derby City Sisters and the Derby City Bears.

Don’t let the idea of a fabulous party make you completely forget that Dec. 1 also is World AIDS Day. “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is a fundraiser for House of Ruth.

Velveeta VonTease | Courtesy of Derby City Sisters
Velveeta VonTease | Courtesy of Derby City Sisters

Derby City Sisters’ headmistress Velveeta VonTease talked about her group’s work with House of Ruth.

“(It’s) a local charity that provides support, housing and food services for those living with and affected by HIV/ AIDS,” explains VonTease. “This event is a great opportunity to experience brilliant local drag performers, singers and musicians, and contribute to making a difference directly to people in our city.”

In addition to watching some outrageous holiday-themed performances, attendees can get their picture taken with Bad Santa or Naughty Elf, and participate in a silent auction. And if Naughty Elf pics aren’t enough to de-Grinchify you, then maybe Krampus should come put you in his sack.

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” is at Play on Friday, Dec. 2, beginning at 7 p.m. Play is located at 1101 E. Washington St.

Whether you like your holiday sweet, sassy, sticky or scary, have a great weekend.

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