Butchertown Street Fair

If you haven’t heard, there’s news afoot in Butchertown, the historic neighborhood of quirky homes and businesses just northeast of NuLu.

The Butchertown Art Fair, a daylong street festival of arts and crafts, music, food trucks and beer has been set for June 1. Organizers are promising this year’s festival will be bigger than ever, while still maintaining that authentic boho street fair vibe. They’re still accepting applications for booths. Email [email protected] or check out the Facebook page to participate.

Also, the Butchertown Neighborhood Association just announced plans to expand and improve a 2-acre park on Story Avenue in the heart of Butchertown. The project is a private/public partnership between Butchertown residents and businesses, Louisville Metro Parks and the University of Louisville Urban Design Studio.

On Saturday, in conjunction with a Brightside spring clean-up, the BNA unveiled phase one of the project – an expansion of Story Avenue Park’s green space.  Phase two will involve a series of public design workshops conducted by the Urban Design Studio to create a new plan for improving the park, which now has a modest basketball court and playground. Butchertown businesses and residents raised $75,000 to pay for both phases of the project.

For more information or to get involved in the Story Avenue Park Improvement Project email Natasha Maze at [email protected].

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Niki King is a professional journalist who also co-publishes thehillville.com, an online magazine celebrating urban Appalachia. She recently finished her master’s degree in community and leadership development at the University of Kentucky where she studied urban planning, economic development and communication. She proudly calls a recently restored shotgun house in the Original Highlands home.

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