Michael R. Veach, bourbon historian, has released “Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey: An American Heritage.”

Veach, a Louisville legend, is the associate curator of special collections at The Filson Historical Society and a member of the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame. Veach brings his expertise to the book and offers an insider’s perspective on the history of bourbon.

According to his preface, the book has been “twenty years in the making.” Author Charles Cowdery, a member of the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame, said in his review, “Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey adds significant new information to our understanding of the history of the Kentucky whiskey industry.”

Chapters include “Farmers Distillers and the Whiskey Rebellion,” “The Origin of Bourbon Whiskey,” “Prohibition and the Bourbon Industry,” and more.

Veach’s book explores the distilling process and bourbon’s impact on the history of the region. If you’ve ever wanted to know what distiller’s beer is made from (grains), or what on earth people mean when they talk about the worm (a long, coiled cooper tube), then this is the book for you.

From a quick glance, it seems this book would make a perfect gift for your favorite bourbon connoisseur or history nut. The book is available online and at Carmichael’s—the store stays open until 11 p.m. on Fri. and Sat., which should give you more than enough time to pick up a copy after an evening flight of bourbons.

Stacy Lipson is a freelance writer whose work has been published in national and regional publications.

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