If your tin-foil-hat-wearing brother-in-law is to be believed, the Mayans have given us only a couple of more months before the end of the world. If you’re inclined to buy that theory, you might as well break up with Jenny Craig or give Weight Watchers the boot. And let’s face it, those of us with a little extra padding probably have a leg up on the skinny folks in case the world goes all Mad Max on us.

What better way to prepare for the theoretical apocalypse than a night of good beer, great food, and gritty music?

Next Friday, October 19 from 5 p.m. til 10 p.m, Apocalypse Brew Works will host A Night of Apocalyptic DisTRUCKtion (again with the imbedded caps). Five food trucks, craft beer, and Alex Wright and The Maven Down providing the tunes.

Apocalypse Brew Works opened Derby week 2012 and is run by three friends with more than 40 years of home brewing experience. Leah Dienes serves as head brewer of the steam-driven, solar-operated facility.

The bar, which is only open on Fridays and Saturdays from 5 p.m. until 11 p.m. and is also a fallout shelter, has ten taps and sells their brews by the pint, the growler, or the keg. Occasionally, they offer a guest brew on the taps.

Next Friday night is the food truck foodies event of the month. DisTRUCKtion will feature Lil Cheezers, Holy Mole, Grind, Bluegrass Brick Oven Pizza, French Indo-Canada and Annie May’s Sweet Cafe dishing out delicious eats. According to the press release, each truck will be creating a never-before-served special for the night, too.

The event has no cover and is rain or shine. All five food trucks accept credit cards.

The Maven Down is singer-songwriter Alex Wright’s newest band. His first album is available from Oddsock Records, and his second album is in the works. It’s also Alex’s birthday today, so when you hit the DisTRUCKtion next weekend, make sure you wish him a belated happy happy. If your tin-foil-hat-wearing brother-in-law is right, it will be the last birthday he ever has.