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The dining room of Mesh Indianapolis

When Mesh restaurant opens later this year, it appears Anoosh Shariat won’t be its executive chef.

For the past several months, Shariat has worked in restaurants owned by Mesh’s Indianapolis-based parent company, Cunningham Restaurant Group (CRG), in preparation for his role as executive chef at Mesh in Louisville. That restaurant is under construction at the old Bauer’s Tavern site on Brownsboro Road.

Prior to commuting to Indy and back for CRG, the former co-owner of Shariat’s and Browning’s restaurants spent the past few years working as a consultant chef in Charlotte, N.C. He told me recently at a social event that so much time away from his adopted home of Louisville had added up to a breaking point, plus the workload at CRG was wearing him down.

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Chef Anoosh Shariat

“It’s getting to be a bit much, I can tell you that,” he said. “I’m working a lot and trying to be back here as much as possible, but that’s not really working out.”

When I heard soon after that Shariat was leaving CRG, I texted him to confirm. He said he would remain in Indy until the end of July, but after that he’d be “looking to find something here” in Louisville.

Shariat did say CRG owner Mike Cunningham asked that he consider rejoining the company when Mesh opens here.

We’ll know his decision come this fall.

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Steve Coomes
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