IdeaFestival University offers a new way to sustain spirit of the annual IdeaFestival all year long.

IF University holds small, very interactive, seminar-style courses in non-traditional classrooms– from coffeeshops to offices to bars.  Each class is a discrete unit, reasonably priced, and led by experts in their field, according to a news release.

According to the IFUniversity website:

Ideas are everywhere, and anywhere can be a classroom. More than a place, IF University is an ecosystem of learning, creative thinking and innovation, built on the platform and success of the annual IdeaFestival in Louisville. A wide variety of classes and events all year round.

Teach a class. Take a class. Suggest a class.

Gather. Discuss. Learn. Repeat.

Play a lot. Pay a little. Come often.

There are upcoming classes–  one in Lexington and three in Louisville including a class with Insider Louisville Founder Terry Boyd on the covert worlds of the military and intelligence agencies.

“Dining in the Dark: Holiday Experience”
Bring a friend, bring the office. Unwrap your senses for the holidays.
When: Monday, December 3
Where: Natasha’s Bistro and Bar, 114 Esplanade Alley, Lexington, KY  40507
“Demystifying Bourbon”
Learn, taste, and repeat with Josh Durr of Hawthorn Beverage Group. The ever-evolving story of Kentucky’s signature beverage: bourbon.
When: Tuesday, December 4
Where: The Silver Dollar, 1761 Frankfort Avenue, Louisville, KY 40206.
Presented by Hawthorn Beverage Group with support from Willett Distillery.
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“Lean Bean: Principles for Successful Start-Ups”
Business coach and entrepreneur Tendai Charasika discusses principles from the best-selling book by Eric Ries.
When: Thursday, December 13
Where: iHub, 204 S. Floyd Street, Louisville, KY  40202
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“Wonder What Really Happened at Benghazi?”
Learn from former military reporter Terry Boyd about “other” governmental agencies and covert operations.
When: Thursday, December 20
Where: Insider Louisville Headquarters, 806 East Market Street, Louisville, KY  40202
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