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The inflight magazine remains the single best way to reach the world’s most captive audience: airline passengers. Nestled in a seat flap, right before the dearly departed Sky Mall and an air-sickness bag, these magazines offer bored travelers all the features-heavy reading entertainment they can handle. At least until they land.

So it’s quite the feather in Louisville’s cap that the River City landed the January cover of United Airlines‘ “Hemispheres” magazine.

The article is titled “Three Perfect Days in Louisville” and was written by Amanda Petrusich. That Louisville was picked puts the city in some pretty esteemed company. Past “three days” locations include: Santiago, Chile; Vancouver, British Columbia; Milan, Italy; Edinburgh, Scotland; and so on.

So, obviously, Louisville was deemed either a pretty big deal, extremely charming, or a place on the rise. Maybe all three.

Here’s how three perfect Louisville days looked to Petrusich:

  • “Day one: Exploring the city’s historic racing scene, strolling through the artsy NuLu district, sampling burgoo and other local specialties at Harvest”
  • “Day two: Going a few rounds with Ali, hiking one of Olmstead’s famous parks, traveling back in time at the Dreamland theater”
  • “Day three: Taking a crash course in bourbon making, experiencing the splendor of horse country, channelling your inner F. Scott Fitzgerald.”

My, those do sound like three perfect days in Louisville. Even if this article might be the closest I ever get to channeling my inner F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Enjoy a posh ambiance? The article recommends Proof on Main, Decca, and the Old Seelbach Bar. As mentioned, NuLu also is well-represented, via stops at WHY Louisville, Please and Thank You, and Harvest.

Other city highlights that made the must-visit list include: Churchill Downs, Cherokee Park, the Muhammad Ali Center, the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience, and the Flea-Off  Market.

Along the way the author comes to appreciate the odd and interesting things that make Louisville unique. “While there’s no shortage of Southern charm here, there’s enough Midwestern grit and East Coast ambition to keep things interesting,” she writes. “A city doesn’t spawn people like Hunter S. Thompson by sticking exclusively to the Dixie schtick.”

We at IL called the magazine’s editorial staff to learn if this article is a harbinger for greater things to come. Is United expanding routes here? Is there something we need to know about our status in the world? So far there’s been no answer back.

The next three perfect days location is Guam. Which probably has pretty great beaches, but, I’ve heard, a sub-par selection of fine bourbons.

David Serchuk is a staff writer at Insider Louisville. He is a former editor at, and an ex-reporter at Forbes magazine. He's written for NPR,, New York, Pittsburgh, Louisville and other publications named for places. He enjoys writing about business, music and other things as well.


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