The Four Roses Bourbon Loft at BBC downtown will play host to Bluegrass Cubed.
The Four Roses Bourbon Loft at BBC downtown will play host to Bluegrass Cubed.

Bluegrass Brewing Company at Third and Main will begin playing host to a farm-to-table dinner series in its Four Roses Bourbon Loft in the upstairs part of the brewery and restaurant.

Bluegrass3, aka “Bluegrass Cubed,” will combine Kentucky-raised dishes in pairings with Kentucky spirits, wine and beer, along with local bluegrass musicians playing live music for guests. Each event also will have a “celebrity” guest host from the local or regional food, spirits or music scene.

Four Roses Master Distiller Brent Elliott will host the first Bluegrass Cubed.
Four Roses Master Distiller Brent Elliott will host the first Bluegrass Cubed.

The first event will be held Wednesday, Nov. 4, with special guest host Brent Elliott, the new master distiller for Four Roses Bourbon. The dinner will feature Four Roses’ recently released and highly lauded Limited Edition Small Batch series.

Marksbury Farms, Sheltowee Farms, Hillerich Farms, Blue Dog Bakery and Nancy’s Bagels products will all be featured in the first Bluegrass Cubed event. As of this writing, BBC was still trying to confirm the musical act that will perform.

The dinner series was created by BBC Chef Sean Haggerty, who said each dinner will be limited to just 50 people. Menus will be based on participating farms and available ingredients. Of course, the main thrust of each dinner is bringing the three local channels together in one event.

“We came up with the Bluegrass Cubed concept by joining together some of the best farm-fresh foods from Kentucky Bluegrass farms, obviously using some of the greatest bluegrass spirits with some very talented Kentucky bluegrass-based musicians,” Haggerty said.

Actually, he said the idea first came to him when he was enjoying a Four Roses Small Batch while at a music festival on a farm. You can’t make this stuff up, can you?

“I am passionate about non-GMO food, as well as bourbon and bluegrass music,” Haggerty said. “It just seemed like a fit.”

The first dinner will include four courses, beginning with mushroom bruschetta, followed by a mixed green fall salad, and then lamb chops with Four Roses bourbon mint glaze over Gouda grits with Southern-style kale. Bourbon bread pudding is the dessert course. (The menu is subject to change.) Samples of four varieties of Four Roses bourbon will be part of the meal; Elliott will speak, and Haggerty is trying to get a speaker from Marksbury Farms as well.

Haggerty said he is “striving” to do Bluegrass Cubed the first Wednesday of each month, so look for official announcements about forthcoming dinner events.

“We couldn’t be happier to showcase some of the greatest Kentucky products and services in our Bourbon Loft space,” said BBC owner Pat Hagan. “It’s just a ‘win-win’ for everybody involved and gives guests a chance to not only experience the best the bluegrass has to offer, but to see and enjoy the beautiful loft space.”

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