I’ve lived in close to ten cities in my lifetime, but I’ve never lived anywhere that loves Repeal Day more than Louisville does. Repeal Day, Dec. 5 celebrates the anniversary of the end of thirteen years of prohibition in 1933 with the ratification of the 21st Amendment.

We do love our bourbon here in Louisville. And we love celebrating the day we got our bourbon back.

Here are a couple of ways to celebrate the “spirit” of the day.

Distilled Spirits Epicenter teams with the Bar Belle for a “Spirits of Prohibition” enthusiast class

This is the second year that the Distilled Spirits Epicenter (DSE) will offer a “sensory evaluation of spirits and cocktails” and a history lesson with its “Spirits of Prohibition” enthusiast class. The event will be co-hosted by Sara Havens (LEO’s editor and Bar Belle).

The two-hour course will focus on bourbon, gin and cocktails of the prohibition era. In addition to an array of colorful anecdotes from the prohibition era, participants will enjoy a distillery tour and hors d’oeuvres provided by Bourbon’s Bistro. Admission is $29 per person. For more information, visit or call 502-301-8130. The event is from 6 to 8 p.m. 

Filson Society Repeal Day bourbon tasting with bourbon historian, Mike Veach

If you just want to stick to bourbon, and have a little more money to spend on your Repeal Day celebration, you can’t go wrong with the Filson Society’s event. When are you going to have the chance to taste taste premium bourbons, including pre-WWII bourbons, again?   This tasting is supported by the Buffalo Trace Distillery, Kentucky Distillers Association, and the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

Of course it’s not just about the tasting, it’s about the learning too. The Filson’s bourbon historian, Mike Veach, will host the event. The tasting is limited to 50 individuals, with a cost of $100 for non-members, $90 for Filson members. Reserve here.

Bourbons Bistro two-bit whiskey

Bourbons Bistro is the after-party site for the Moonshine U. event. But they start celebrating at 6 p.m. with two-bit whiskey shots and two-bit bites, a flapper/gangster costume contest (prize is a $50 gift certificate). In case your prohibition-era knowledge of economics is a little rusty, two-bits is twenty-five cents!

From their events page:

Hear, hear! December 5, 1933, marked the repeal of Prohibition in America. After 13 dark years of Prohibition, the 18th Amendment was repealed, saying so-long to bootlegging and making it legal to once again, IMBIBE. Imagine how thirsty for the good stuff those people must have been! Your Bourbons Bistro is bringing you a Repeal Day for the books!

There will be other prohibition-era drink specials and the bar will be showing prohibition movies all night long.

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