Preliminary drawings of the interior of Atlantic No. 5, which is scheduled to open in late September or early October.
Preliminary drawings of the interior of Atlantic No. 5, which is scheduled to open in late September or early October.

MTK Productions, the partnership behind Rye on Market, will open a new restaurant and music venue this fall dubbed Atlantic No. 5.

Located at 605 W. Main Street, the new restaurant will be “very bistro like,” according to Michael Trager-Kusman, who said he and his partners sought to create a relaxed concept.

“We want it to be a place you come and go, stop and have a snack, a light dinner, a beer or a glass of wine,” said Trager-Kusman, who’s also seeking a full liquor license. The restaurant’s menu draws on meals his team enjoyed at restaurants around the country featuring sandwiches, bagels, smoked meats and charcuterie. “We’ve really been inspired by places like Parm in New York, which is more of a lunch spot, Publican Quality Meats in Chicago, and Russ and Daughters, also in New York City.”

Officially the menu is still in the works, but Trager-Kusman said to expect sandwiches, salads, rotisserie chicken, smoked fish, pork, lamb, house-made charcuterie and bagels at breakfast.

Atlantic No 5 logoYes, good bagels, which, in Louisville, are tough to find.

“Right now we’re looking to outsource those, so that part of the menu is in development right now,” said Trager-Kusman about the notoriously challenging bread.

The name, Atlantic No. 5, is drawn from lunchboxes used by construction workers in the 1920s. According to Trager-Kusman, those lunchboxes, whose arched, Dutch barn-like metal tops, are commonly seen in photos of that era, bore the Atlantic brand name and had different numbers attributed to specific styles.

And speaking of construction, that being done on Atlantic No. 5 is set for a mid-September completion, a deadline Trager-Kusman expects his contractor will meet.

“They also did Rye and met that deadline,” Trager-Kusman, adding that much of what will appear inside the currently vacant space is being made offsite and installed later.

That the building’s electrical and mechanical components are up to snuff is a plus, he added, and said it will help with on-time completion of the project.

“We spent a lot of time planning so that when we got to the construction phase, there would be fewer changes,” Trager-Kusman said. “We plan to have some soft openings after that’s done and then open to the public. … At the very latest, we would fully open by the first week of October.”

Trager-Kusman said about the only resemblance to Rye’s interior will be a long exposed brick wall. By the looks of interior design drawings supplied by a source close to the project, Atlantic No. 5 will also share the open kitchen.

Furnishings, however, appear to be more contemporary, though Trager-Kusman said they’re using reclaimed woods where possible.

“It will be different and we think people will like it,” he said.

Steve Coomes

Steve Coomes

Steve Coomes is a restaurant veteran turned award-winning food, spirits and travel writer. In his 24-year career, he has edited and written for multiple national trade and consumer publications including Nation's Restaurant News and Southern Living. He is a feature writer for Louisville magazine, Edible Louisville & The Bluegrass and Food & Dining Magazine. The author of two books, "Country Ham: A Southern Tradition of Hogs, Salt & Smoke," and the "Home Distiller's Guide to Spirits," he also serves as a ghostwriter for multiple clients.