"Burgundy Charolais" by Dobree Adams
“Burgundy Charolais” by Dobree Adams

Dobree Adams is one of Kentucky’s premier fiber artists, but it wasn’t until later in her career that she picked up photography. She often took photos of her fiber work and documented her life on her rural farm that’s perched on a river north of Frankfort, Ky. Of course, when she traveled, she’d bring along her camera as well.

Adams first exhibited her photography in 2003 and has since enjoyed a successful run in both mediums.

“I am fascinated by the landscape and how the light changes the contours and colors from dawn to dusk and from season to season,” she says on her website. “I never tire of watching and recording how the light falls on the hills behind our river bottom, of how the light creates layers of trees and mist and fog.”

"Blue September" by Dobree Adams
“Blue September” by Dobree Adams

Adams was one of the founders of the Kentucky Women Photographers Network, and her weavings can be found in public and private collections in Japan, England, France, Guatemala, Puerto Rico and, of course, here in Kentucky.

Her most recent exhibit, which is part of this year’s Louisville Photo Biennial, is titled “Ensconced” and features a collection of new images from her farm as well as her travels to France. It’s showcased at CRAFT(s) Gallery, 572 S. Fourth St., from Oct. 2-24. An opening reception will be held tonight, Oct. 2, from 6-10 p.m.

Barbara Hano, who curated Adams’ 2013 Photo Biennial exhibit, had this to say about the Kentucky artist:

“Her work is a journey of revelation beyond the frames and into the mystery of nature — its power, glory, intensity and evanescence. She makes us see and feel anew the poetry and art of nature, overwhelming us with beauty. The lens can only photograph; it’s the artist who envisages, creates and realizes such mysterious, ambiguous universes. Her images are ensconced by mystery: fog, mist, secreted, the elements lurking, sometimes enveloped, ethereal.”

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