Falls City Brewing Co. will switch from bottles to cans in early October. | Courtesy of Falls City Brewing

Since it began distributing packaged beer in 2010, Falls City Brewing Co. has been available via retail exclusively in bottles. But with a new brewery and taproom under construction, the brewery, which traces its roots back to 1905, decided it was time for a change.

Starting the first week of October, Falls City beers will be sold retail in 12-ounce aluminum cans, the brewery announced today. A can release party will happen Thursday, Oct. 5, at Molly Malone’s in the Highlands.

Falls City general manager Drew Johnson said the decision to make the change was an easy one.

The new slogan | Courtesy of Falls City Brewing Co.

“Cans are better for the beer and the environment,” he said, noting that cans keep beer fresher for a longer time. “It will also allow Falls City beer to be sold in accounts that don’t offer bottles.”

The core beers — Pale Ale, Hipster Repellant IPA and Kentucky Common — remain, and a new year-round offering will be added in Streetlamp Porter, a pre-Prohibition-style porter brewed with six-row malt, molasses and lager yeast.

The beer’s name pays homage to a time when lamplighters lit streetlights around Louisville by hand, and breweries were a fixture in every neighborhood. A version of the beer saw a limited release earlier this year as part of the brewery’s Neighborhood Series.

The shift to canning also comes with a packaging redesign and a new secondary logo with the slogan, “Our city, your beer.” The cans have an edgier, more modern look than the previous designs, and also have back stories of the beers on the reverse side.

“You’ll find a lot of personality behind our new can graphics,” Johnson said. “We’re looking to turn some heads with the new designs. In an increasingly competitive market, we need to do everything we can to catch the eye of the consumer. When these core four beers sit together on the shelves, it will be an effective Falls City billboard.”

Falls City Brewing GM Drew Johnson, brewing beer for canning | Courtesy of Falls City Brewing Co.

He added the new slogan, while alluding to the name “Falls City,” is a tribute to the brewery’s past and how it was founded.

It offers a nod to “the group of bar and grocery store owners that founded Falls City in 1905 to fight the big beer companies that attempted to monopolize the market.”

Johnson likens that local struggle against what was known as the Central Consumers Commission, comprising a group of the larger breweries here, to modern craft breweries’ struggle against international brewing corporations that still dominate the market.

“That mindset is still just as relevant today as it was 112 years ago,” he said.

Falls City aims to have the brewery and taproom open by year’s end; in the meantime, the brewers will travel to Evansville to use the equipment currently available at Tin Man Brewery, Falls City’s sister brewery to brew for canning. Johnson said this will help get the cans filled and out to the public quicker than initially planned, while brewing will also continue on the existing 7-barrel brew system in Louisville.

The new brewery and taproom, located at 901 E. Liberty St., will include an outdoor beer garden, canning line, 30-barrel brewing system and more.

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