The Filson Historical Society will host One Day University on Friday, Nov. 30. | Courtesy of Filson Historical Society

One of the many aspects we miss about college — besides no job, minimal bills and lots of extracurricular activities — is the opportunity to learn about and analyze random subjects. Strangely, we excelled in astronomy, even though that’s a topic we would never have chosen had we not been required to take the course.

For those who enjoy diving head first into short studies, the Filson Historical Society has partnered with the New York-based learning company One Day University to bring three of the country’s top college professors to town on Friday, Nov. 30.

The event runs from 9:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. and is broken down into three sessions — “The Civil War and Abraham Lincoln: What’s Fact and What’s Fiction?,” “Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness” and “Three Films That Changed America.”

Louis Masur of Rutgers University will lead the first session and help uncover the truth behind the man who was our 16th president. According to a news release, the discussion will cover the following questions: Was he depressed? Was he truly opposed to slavery? Did he free the slaves? Did the Union prevail because of his leadership or despite him?

The second class will be led by Catherine Sanderson of Amherst College, who will share cutting-edge research on what roles money, IQ, marriage, friends, children, weather and religion play in making you feel happier. She’ll also explore which factors do (and do not) predict happiness and provide practical ways to increase psychological well-being.

Finally, Marc Lapadula of Yale University will present the third session and take a look at three films that, for better or worse, have brought social issues to light, changed laws, forwarded ideologies both good and bad, and altered the course of American history through their impact on society.

Admission into the One Day University is $159, or $99 for current and new members. The Filson Historical Society is located at 1310 S. Third St.

Sara Havens
Sara Havens is the Culture Editor at Insider Louisville, known around town as the Bar Belle ( She's a former editor of LEO Weekly and has written for Playboy and The Alcohol Professor. Havens is the author of two books: "The Bar Belle" and "The Bar Belle Vol. 2."