| Courtesy of AVAX News, a site that loves goats
Get it goating! | Courtesy of AVAX News, a site that loves goats

Back in January, we first told you about a crazy festival being planned in NuLu featuring goat races, beer, music and more. Well, the NuLu Bock Fest is definitely still a-go, and it’s taking place Saturday, March 26, on the 600 and 700 blocks of East Market Street.

While this event hopes to become an annual tradition going forward, its festivities, including goat racing, actually date back to 1858 in Louisville. The word “bock” means goat in German, and it’s also a style of beer (a low-hop lager) brewed in Germany and carried over from early settlers. And NuLu also has two alleys — appropriately named Nanny Goat Strut and Billy Goat Strut — where goat racing often occurred in the mid-19th century.

bockSaturday’s event will include “safe” goat races, live music by Billy Goat Strut Revue (Coincidence? We think not), beer from area breweries, food from local vendors and nearby restaurants, and even a photo booth courtesy of MagBooth.

There will be seven goat races total in separate divisions (babies and adults), and some goats will be sponsored by local businesses. In fact, the very first race, named the Kentucky Guild of Brewers, features goats representing Louisville’s various breweries. We’ll raise a glass to that.

The NuLu Bock Fest runs from noon-7 p.m. and is free to attend. Races happen each hour on the hour.

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Sara Havens
Sara Havens is the Culture Editor at Insider Louisville, known around town as the Bar Belle (barbelleblog.com). She's a former editor of LEO Weekly and has written for Playboy and The Alcohol Professor. Havens is the author of two books: "The Bar Belle" and "The Bar Belle Vol. 2."