Brandon True is running the kitchen at Goodwood and is developing a menu for the forthcoming Frankfort location. | Photo by Kevin Gibson

For a brief period, there was a pizza warmer and pie by the slice available in the taproom at Goodwood Brewing Co. And then came a stint with a local barbecue restaurant to feed customers. That didn’t work.

But a partnership with a longtime hospitality industry professional now has the Galley at Goodwood serving an original menu of pub fare, from nachos to tacos.

Goodwood CEO Ted Mitzlaff said when the brewery began working toward opening a location in Frankfort — that branch of the business is scheduled to open sometime this spring — he heard from an old friend, Brandon True.

Mitzlaff said True, who had for years worked with the Bluegrass Hospitality Group, had heard about the forthcoming Frankfort location and was interested in getting involved on the culinary side.

“I heard he was looking for a place in Frankfort,” True said. “I said, ‘Hey, I live there.’ ”

Kettle chip barbecue pork nachos | Photo by Kevin Gibson

But first, True wanted to get started at the Louisville location.

The food is prepared in a small on-site kitchen. Patrons simply order at the bar, at which point they’re provided a number, and their food is brought out to them.

The menu isn’t lengthy, but it’s nicely varied, focusing mostly on barbecue-style meats and bar snacks. House beers are used in many of the recipes — for instance, the brisket is braised with Goodwood’s Smoked Maibock. Onions are caramelized with Wee Heavy, a Scotch ale style beer.

“I figure, why not?” True said. “I figure the beer is good, so the food can be even better with the beer in it.”

Snacks include chili, soft pretzels and beer cheese, and chili cheese nachos. Another snack is the Goodwood Chip Trio, which consists of cheese dip, salsa and guacamole served with tortilla chips.

For hungrier customers, there’s the kettle chip barbecue pork nachos, an impressive plate of kettle chips smothered in roasted pulled pork, beer cheese and jalapeno pepper slices, with crema drizzled on top.

A house favorite is the roasted wings, large flappers and drumettes that are lightly dry-rubbed and finish up crispy and tender enough that there’s barely any pull when the meat slides off the bones. A full order of 10 wings is $10, with wings served for 50 cents each during UK and UofL games.

Sandwiches are served with a side and range from $8 to $10. Selections include a turkey melt, topped with avocado and pimento cheese; pulled pork barbecue made with slow-roasted pork and topped with coleslaw; smoked chicken with pickles, Sriracha slaw and cilantro; and True’s favorite, smoked brisket topped with caramelized onions, beer cheese and horseradish sauce.

Roasted, dry-rubbed wings | Photo by Kevin Gibson

A trio of street-style mini-taco options includes smoked chicken with Sriracha slaw, avocado and cilantro; pulled pork with a sweet and tangy barbecue sauce, beer cheese and jalapeños; and a veggie option packed with roasted bell peppers, slaw, avocado, crema and cilantro. Tacos are served in threes ($8) in soft flour shells.

And for herbivores, there’s also a kale and quinoa salad made with avocado, bell peppers, cucumber, red onion and feta, served with a lemon Dijon vinaigrette.

Nothing on the menu tops $10, and food is served while the taproom is open, including lunch hours on Fridays.

True said when the Frankfort location opens, he will oversee the kitchen there, with someone else manning cooking duties in Louisville. He is developing a full menu for the Frankfort location, he said, so the Louisville menu will likely evolve to resemble Frankfort’s.

Goodwood is located at 636 E. Main St.

This post was updated with the price of 50-cent wings during UK and UofL games.

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